I.C.T. Fraud Squad

This program, “International Counterfeit Taskforce”, (I.C.T.) was conceived to recognize individuals that enlighten other people about the fraud being committed in buying, selling or promoting counterfeit products. We appreciate all the people who have supported us in this effort and simply want to recognize their efforts with an exclusive membership in the I.C.T. Fraud Squad. We are starting off with a t-shirt that is earned in a manner noted below and plan to add additional benefits in the future. While we recognize counterfeiting affects many manufacturers, this flagship program is specifically for B&T Industries L.L.C. products to include the Atlas Bipod, Accu-Shot Monopods as well as all of our accessories.

Here is how you become an I.C.T. Fraud Squad member:

  1. Send us a link or screenshot of where you have engaged in enlightening another individual who is buying, selling or promoting counterfeit B&T products.
  2. We will verify your response to ensure it was done in a manner that is factual and represents B&T appropriately without attacking or belittling the individual buying, selling or promoting counterfeit B&T products.
  3. We will credit you with an official I.C.T. Fraud Squad membership t-shirt.
  4. We will post your efforts on our website as an example to others and in recognition of your work on our behalf.
  5. Please send all emails and correspondence to ictfs@accu-shot.com

PLEASE DO NOT CONFRONT ANYONE IN AN OVERLY AGGRESSIVE MANNER. IT SHOULD BE APPROACHED AS AN EDUCTAIONAL OPPORTUNITY AND KEPT PG RATED. If a particularly difficult individual is encountered, please advise us and we will gladly address them.

Our goal is to help consumers understand the dangers of counterfeit products, what it does to American manufacturers and jobs. The fact a listed vendor for the military sold counterfeit Atlas bipods to a Tier 1 group sparked an ongoing FBI investigation. With your help, we will shed some light on this and hopefully pressure the counterfeiters out of business.